Monday, September 22, 2008


Today, the second semister started! I met my friends after a long time.
And AGU members gathered at Tokyo!!!! We went to a bar and after that we went to karaoke!!
Although some members could not come, I enjoyed very much:D
I want to gather again!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm home

I am in my hometown.

After saying goodbye to mentors and teachers, we ate lunch at the airport. Almost all of us ate at Potbelly. lol
I went to sleep as soon as I sat down on my seat on the plane. And I was so tired that I didn’t even notice that the plane took off.

I arrived at Narita Airport and went home. I ate sushi for dinner and spoke to my family about my trip, showing them the pictures I took.

Yesterday, I went to my father’s hometown and met my grandfather and grandmother on my father’s side. And I gave some souvenirs to them and my cousins.

This trip is my treasure. I could experience many things. I want to go to America again and I want to stay longer!! I miss you even now... I want to keep in touch with mentors, teachers and AGU members. I will continue blogging.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

We are MPP!!!

In the morning, I had blogging class and listening and speaking class. After I ate lunch I visited Hornbake Lirary. There were many books and magazines and newspapers written in Japan after the Second World War. It was interesting because there were a lot of things which is not in Japan.
Afterwards I went bowling. I bowled with Senpai, Paki, Ryohei in a lane and I was last placeL

We went to some stores to buy souvenirs such as foods and cloths. I bought many snacks for my friends and family.

I went to Indian food restaurant and I ate curry. It was very delicious!!!!!! I want to go there again!! After that I went putting and it was very exciting!!! Sae and Sachi and I are not good at putting… So we are MPP (most poor player)

Today is last day and I am going to go back to Japan yesterday. I really enjoyed this program!! Thank you, mentors, teachers, AGU members, and everyone I met!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

last day in DC

In the morning I had blogging class and listening and speaking class. After that I went to Potberry with Sachi, Sae, Sahori and Sanae. We ate sandwiches sitting on the grass. And then we drank bubble tea. It was very good. Afterwards I went to the Capitol Building. It was so big. I thought I have to know about politics much better. I walked to the White House and took pictures. Then we return to College Park and ate dinner. It was delicious. Some AGU members and I talked with Sachi and her boyfriend (I’m sorry. I forget his name.) He will come to our university in September! I was glad to see them.
Today was our last day in DC and I don’t want to go back to Japan….

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nikki's house

Yesterday, we went to Nikki’s house!!! Her house was very big! I was surprised because there was basement floor and I can play many things such as billiards and pinball.

First, I played badminton. And I ate a hamburger, a piece of watermelon and so on. It was very delicious!!

After that I played pinball with Ryohei, Sae, and Sachi. Although it was difficult, it was very exciting!!!! I like it.

Then I went to outside and lay down on a hammock. It was very comfortable.

Finally I talked with my friends on the sofa.

I was very enjoyed yesterday!!! It was so exciting that I can't write all things! I want to go to Nikki's house again.Thank you for your inviting, Nikki!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


I went to the National Museum of American Art. There were a lot of beautiful jewelry and cute picture of animals at this museum.

After that I went to Washington Monument. View from tpo of this was nice!

And I went to Lincoln Memorial. It was bigger than I expected.


I met mentors at the Quality Inn at 11:30 ant traveled to National Museum of the American Indian. After lunch I went to National Gallery of Art. There were so many arts that I couldn’t watch all arts. I backed to College Park and played volleyball. After I back to the Quality Inn I drew some picture with Sae.