Thursday, August 14, 2008

We are MPP!!!

In the morning, I had blogging class and listening and speaking class. After I ate lunch I visited Hornbake Lirary. There were many books and magazines and newspapers written in Japan after the Second World War. It was interesting because there were a lot of things which is not in Japan.
Afterwards I went bowling. I bowled with Senpai, Paki, Ryohei in a lane and I was last placeL

We went to some stores to buy souvenirs such as foods and cloths. I bought many snacks for my friends and family.

I went to Indian food restaurant and I ate curry. It was very delicious!!!!!! I want to go there again!! After that I went putting and it was very exciting!!! Sae and Sachi and I are not good at putting… So we are MPP (most poor player)

Today is last day and I am going to go back to Japan yesterday. I really enjoyed this program!! Thank you, mentors, teachers, AGU members, and everyone I met!!


sae said...

I want to play a putt-putt with you again! Next time, let's become MVP!

Sachi said...

Yesterday was very fun, because curry was delicious and putting was exciting! We are MPP!!!

Hiromi said...

Hello, Kei!
It seems that you've enjoyed a lot throughout the program! I hope you'll come back to Japan safely. :)

Nina Liakos said...

I admire you and your classmates for being always ready to try something new, even if you are not so successful at first. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!" It's the best way to discover things you like to do.

As I write this, you are about 3 hours away from Narita Airport. I hope the trip has gone well, and I look forward to reading about it in your first post from home!

Nikki said...

I will miss you very much. Please feel free to email me whenever you want. I promise to email you back.