Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm home

I am in my hometown.

After saying goodbye to mentors and teachers, we ate lunch at the airport. Almost all of us ate at Potbelly. lol
I went to sleep as soon as I sat down on my seat on the plane. And I was so tired that I didn’t even notice that the plane took off.

I arrived at Narita Airport and went home. I ate sushi for dinner and spoke to my family about my trip, showing them the pictures I took.

Yesterday, I went to my father’s hometown and met my grandfather and grandmother on my father’s side. And I gave some souvenirs to them and my cousins.

This trip is my treasure. I could experience many things. I want to go to America again and I want to stay longer!! I miss you even now... I want to keep in touch with mentors, teachers and AGU members. I will continue blogging.


Joseph / Nosson said...

Good! Continue to blog! I am glad you were able to share your experience with the rest of your family!

Come back soon!

Nina Liakos said...

Hi Kei,
It was great to read your post! I laughed about how you fell asleep so quickly on the plane and didn't even notice the takeoff. I didn't know there was a Potbelly Sandwich Works at the airport but since there was I am not at all surprised that you ate there! LOL

I am looking forward to chatting with you at Tapped In on the 27th!


misa said...

I also ate sushi. It was very good:-)
Irealized that Japanese food is much better than Amarican one!!

sae said...

Hi, Kei! I was glad to be your roommate, too! Let's go to America with me again! :-)

Nikki said...

= )

kei said...
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kei said...
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