Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nikki's house

Yesterday, we went to Nikki’s house!!! Her house was very big! I was surprised because there was basement floor and I can play many things such as billiards and pinball.

First, I played badminton. And I ate a hamburger, a piece of watermelon and so on. It was very delicious!!

After that I played pinball with Ryohei, Sae, and Sachi. Although it was difficult, it was very exciting!!!! I like it.

Then I went to outside and lay down on a hammock. It was very comfortable.

Finally I talked with my friends on the sofa.

I was very enjoyed yesterday!!! It was so exciting that I can't write all things! I want to go to Nikki's house again.Thank you for your inviting, Nikki!!


sae said...

Pinball was really exciting, wasn't it? I want to play it again!! You are a very good player!

Nina Liakos said...

I was surprised at how good you were at pinball! It was a beautiful party, wasn't it! Good friends, good food, and lots of games to play. What more could you ask?

Hiromi said...

Hello, Kei!
It seems that you had a wonderful time visiting Nikki's house! Also, I want to see you play pinball someday~!